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Via Gen. G. Orsini, 42 - 80132  Napoli

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Assistance, Organization and Reliability .
This is the outcome of over 20 years of work , with the support of a team of ten employees who have embraced the Corporate Philosophy .
Over the years, we have accompanied Maison from the introduction to the consecration of the various market lines, through the selection of a portfolio of modern and open-minded clients towards innovation but, beyond the image of the store, would also ensure adequate Business Ethics.
Our primary goal has always been loyalty Partners, through their involvement in the projects and the sharing of a common path of growth.
The current headquarters, 500 square meters, completely overlooking the sea, opened in 2011 , is the frame we wanted dedicate to the Collections that we offer, the cozy living room for our Customers and the always open place for meetings and gatherings.
But if it is easy to tell our professional story, the harder is to tell the passion that Antonello Esposito has for the world of Fashion.

Welcome to the Piernageli's world

*November 2014


Pierangeli Fashion Business